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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Codex Alimentarius Would Violate Liberty
The concept of liberty as an inalienable right of the individual is a critical component to the strength of a truly free nation. America was founded upon the ideal of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as the spiritual gifts granted to men and women by right of birth, not by any human institution. These rights were considered by our Founding Fathers as something governments have absolutely no authority or right to give or take away.

Founding Fathers Warned About Usurpation of Health Freedom
America’s Founding Fathers, and many liberty-minded men and women after them, dedicated their lives to ensure that the concept of the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness would continue as sacred maxims in the mass-consciousness of our nation. This was done so that we, the People, would value and uphold these rights as supreme and protect them. And living more fulfilling lives as a result.

And then Codex Alimentarius comes along in our lifetime, seeking to forcefully regulate our health choices, and trying to do exactly what Jefferson warned us about when he said “if people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

Liberty Means We Have Freedom of Choice Over Our Own Bodies
Freedom of choice and freedom from coercion are two base-pillars of liberty. Codex Alimentarius violates our freedom of choice about clean, unadulterated food and imposes coercive measures upon our lives about the health choices we can make.

For example, is your right to choose non-toxic food upheld when organic food standards are desecrated by Codex Alimentarius and all animals must be treated with toxic chemicals and drugs before you can eat them?

Is your right to choose food free of genetic engineering upheld when GMOs are used without labeling?

Is your right to choose effective nutritional supplements to support the individual biochemistry of your body protected when high potency, clinically effective natural health products are eliminated from the market?

The above questions are related to freedom of choice and liberty, which is granted as our birth right, not by the state. Since liberty is ours by birth, it cannot be removed unless we let it be taken away through inaction and passivity.

How Codex Violates Liberty as Defined by Dictionary
Let us, using the dictionary definition of the word “liberty”, explain how Codex would violate liberty. First, here’s the definition:

n. pl. lib-er-ties

The condition of being free from restriction or control.
The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one’s own choosing.
The condition of being physically and legally free from confinement, servitude, or forced labor. See Synonyms at freedom.
Freedom from unjust or undue governmental control.
A right or immunity to engage in certain actions without control or interference: the liberties protected by the Bill of Rights.
Source: Dictionary.com
Codex Violates “The condition of being free from restriction or control”
With every bite of our food, nutrients and herbs controlled from “seed to supper”, from “fork to farm”, and with the decisions on how that takes place made by people for whom greed, not health, is the deciding factor, Codex takes us far, far away from “The condition of being free from restriction or control.” Instead, every morsel of food will be the product of control exerted by massive multi-national corporate entities.

Codex Violates “The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one’s own choosing”
Would you like to buy (or raise) beef from grass fed cattle never treated with hormones or antibiotics? If we let Codex Alimentarius control that herd, that option could be gone. Codex would control how the beef you buy could and could not be raised. Codex mandates the use of hormones and antibiotics which would make your beef unsuitable for healthy eating.

Well, how about astragalus (an herb used for immune enhancement for cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc.) and 3 grams of Vitamin C to strengthen a compromised immune system?

Under Codex, you can only use low-dose supplements without therapeutic benefit, and the drugs of pharmaceutical companies and. These are the substances that kill 106,000 per year when properly prescribed (and about 204,000 Americans per year if you add in “medical misadventure” or improperly prescribed drugs).

Codex Violates “The condition of being physically and legally free from confinement, servitude, or forced labor”
Are you free from servitude when you foodr is laced with chemical and you cannot legally purchase clean food due to degraded organic standards?

Are you free from servitude when you are forbidden to seek and receive medical care which is not based in drugs or surgery?

Are you a free man or woman, able to make and express your own decisions about your health and those whom you love when the most inexpensive and powerful tools mankind has for health and well being - namely clean food, herbs and nutrients to nourish and heal the body - are denied to you because you are not powerful or rich enough to be in the driver’s seat of this careening buggy being recklessly driven (by greed need and control need), over a health cliff?

You might still be a free man or woman regardless of Codex, but you would have to grow your own food and create your own supplements. You would have no free market to exercise your freedom of choice in. Because you would have all your health choices taken away by Codex Alimentarius.

Codex Violates “Freedom from unjust or undue governmental control”
Clearly, poisoning of food and forbidding all therapeutic nutritional supplements as Codex is poised to do, is tantamount to unjust and undue governmental control.

The Congressional delegates who allow such a thing to happen are acting on behalf of their own best interest, including the $758 million dollars spent by the Drug industry to lobby Congress last year alone.

The U.S. Government must be reminded of who they serve. Their real task is to serve us, the People, and not the multi-national corporate sponsors of Codex Alimentarius.

Codex Violates “A right or immunity to engage in certain actions without control or interference: the liberties protected by the Bill of Rights”
All the above violations would take away liberties which are protected by the Bill of Rights. Codex Alimentarius would, indeed, violate the Bill of Rights.

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