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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obamacare not in OK

"Obamacare" is the latest big government program that threatens the health care system. Congress will radically limit health care for senior citizens and the unborn. Congressional bail-outs and stimulus schemes have dug the hole and built the coffin that could bury the "Great American Dream." "Obamacare" could be the final nail in the coffin that will shut the door of freedom in our lifetime.

"Obamacare", is not just health care reform, it is an overt attempt to control our lives from the cradle to the grave. President Obama and members of Congress have expressed a desire for a "single payer system." While that sounds nice, in reality, it's government control of your healthcare decisions. The federal government will decide who receives cancer treatment, medication, and will even attempt to influence end of life decisions usually held by family members.

Euthanasia type policies are scattered throughout the Obamacare program as referenced below. The bill before Congress today gives almost total control of the health care system to bureaucrats and politicians. Never would I have anticipated the President of the United States and Congress supporting legislation that gives government the power to choose who lives and who dies by controlling and rationing health care.

The Freedom Foundation and Liberty Council has detailed some of the provisions in the 1000 page bill that many politicians admit they have never read but are willing to vote for:

* Health care will be rationed much like Canada and Europe Sec 123 pg 29
* The (unelected) Health Commissioner will choose your benefits Sec 123 pg 42
* Illegal aliens will be provided free health care Sec 152 pg 50
* Government will have access to your bank accounts for electronic transfers Sec 152 pg 59
* Private health care plans will be brought under the control of government Sec 164 pg 52
* All employers must enroll employees into the government plan
* Doctors salaries will be set by the government Sec 203 pg 127
* Cancer patients will have their health care severely rationed Sec 1145 pg 272
* Hospital expansions will be controlled by government Sec 280 pg 321
* Restrictions will be put on "Special Needs" people Sec 280 pg 354
* Government will mandate "Advance (Death) Care Planning Sec 379 pg 425
* Government provided "approved" list of end of life resources and treatments Sec 370 pg 425

These socialist policies will be devastating, not only to the Oklahoma health care system but also to our ability to make personal decisions about our own health. Hospitals such as St. Francis in Tulsa, St Mary's in Enid and Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City may be forced to provide government sanctioned abortions. "Obamacare" is another glaring example of how the federal government money always comes with strings attached.

Oklahoma employers will be forced to provide the government health plan (single payer) rather than private health insurance. If "Obamacare" becomes a reality, two things are sure to take place, costs go up and benefits come down for their employees. No longer will Oklahomans be able to choose their doctor or insurance plan. The federal government will choose for them.

As governor I would protect the citizen's health care choices by invoking states rights to prevent the Federal government from meddling in the lives of millions of Oklahomans. Personal health care decisions should be made between the doctor and the patient, not by politicians or government bureaucrats.

Insurance providers are forced to pay doctors and hospitals based on a price prescribed by government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. In essence, politicians are ultimately making health decisions that only a doctor and patient should be making.

Health care reform for Oklahomans should be made by Oklahomans, not Washington D.C. politicians. Change is easy but true reform is difficult. I believe we need to reform the health care delivery system first by removing the influence and mandates of government.

I believe common sense reform must include policies that support:

* Portable personal insurance (401K like)
* Pre-tax health insurance plans
* Industry portability
* Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
* Free Market Solutions

Expanding the free market and restoring the doctor-patient relationship are the keys for successful health care reform, yet they are totally left out of "Obamacare." We need to rid the undo political influence over individual's health decision by cutting the strings of federal regulations.

Obama's desire to control our health and quality of life at the federal level is sure to infect all Oklahomans. As governor my goal would be to immunize Oklahomans from the abuse of "Obamacare" and provide true health care reform. Healthcare reform with no strings attached.

Randy Brogdon

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