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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did you prep

In this era of obesity and epidemics, it seems a little strange to talk about potential food scarcity. But here's the hard truth: the abundance we enjoy is utterly dependent on a complex infrastructure of producers and distributors that has multiple stress points. If the trucks stop or can't get through, the shelves of most food stores will empty in less than a week. Government sources estimate that most homes have enough food on hand to get by for three to four days, but this is just sketchy enough that the same folks recommend that you have a three-day emergency supply. Our government was required to stock up on enough food for every person in the United States for three years. Well, gee they don’t have it anymore. So stock it up yourself! And at least 1 years worth…..

It is up to YOU! Not our government to help YOU!

Lord knows, many of us could lose a few pounds, so lower intakes for the short term wouldn't be so bad. Just be sure to keep essentials like vitamins and minerals in your diet. Actually, having to set aside food for a emergency is a great way to get an idea about just how much food -- by weight and volume -- most of us consume.

You are responsible for yourself and your family. I do not think any government in the world can take care of every person in their country. So, I will say again, do not depend on your government for what you are responsible for. Take care of yourself, rely on your- self and in the end only blame your-self if you did not prepare.

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