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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Preppers Herbs for Survival

Many of the Preppers in Oklahoma are members of one of Native American Tribes located here. This gives us added resources and history to call upon in the case of social collapse, but it comes down to the prepared individual and their readiness more than cultural background.

We, as many around the country are concerned about the Codex laws that plan to make it illegal for us to pick a plant and injest it to aid in the condition of our own health. We natives/ and non-natives alike, DO NOT give permission to any government to attempt to remove our rights to walk upon this planet and live off the bounty of this planet. If the Earth Mother gave her children a plant, then we have the right to feed ourselves with it and to heal ourselves with this plant and that right should be stronger than any countrys laws.

With that said, we see that many of the healing plants on our planet are being regulated to keep citizens of the Earth from being able to grow and injest them. This poses a question: If there were no pharmacies available tomorrow, what herbs would you of wished you had planted today?

As a nurse, herbalist and holistic practicianer for 20 years , of course I have openions on this subject. I want to plant seeds in all here to give thought about what to grow close to you incase it ever becomes neccessary that this is the only source you may have to that medicine. Think Now instead of wishing later. Get a good herbal medicine book and begin collecting what you can.

Instead of beginning by looking at the thousands of herbs one can grow, lets consider this from what are we trying to be able to medicate?

  • Colds and Flu including bird flu
  • Tooth Aches
  • Ailments relating to blood
  • General Pain
  • Stress related discomforts
  • Internal organ repair
  • Female reperductive issues
  • Male issues
  • Anti biotics
  • Hepititus
  • HIV
  • Cancer
  • Maintaining general health
  • Healing broken bones
  • Sprains and bruises

There are many more things needing to be on this list but if you are the leader of your groups medical needs, you would want to have something provided by the earth that you could use to address these catagories.

I am working on compiling such herbs and evaluating which can be maintained in a garden in Oklahoma and which can not. Our weather conditions prohibit some plants from thriving here well enough to meet our medical needs, but some plants need to be established and over three years old before they produce the medicine in its roots. Obviously, when we can no longer go to the pharmacy or herb store and get that herb, we don't want to need to wait three years before we can grow it even if we did have its seeds. We need to plan and practice now.

All preppers need to give this some serious thought. We still have access to some fabulous Chinese medicine plants. Like any area of prepping yourself, you need to practice growing and working with these herbs you pick and become profisient with them before it involves the life or death of loved ones.

I am currently workin on a book on this subject. But don't wait on me. Each who read this needs to begin their own thoughts and training to be better prepared in this area as in all other areas possibly needed in the future.

Gloria Youngdeer


Oklahoma Survivalist Network yahoo group

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Anonymous said...

I am interested in hearing what your top five recomendations might be of imported herbs from other parts of the country.

Choctaw Gal
Choctaw Nation Oklahoma

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