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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Challenge

It's springtime Folks! And springtime means it's time to garden!!  More and more people are thinking about putting in a garden this year and there is no better time than NOW.  If you have never tried growing anything before then let this be the year you got your hands in a little dirt.  You will be surprised at how easy it really is. 

I can hear people say..... but I just don't have the room to plant a garden.  I am willing to bet you do and might not even realize it.  Container gardening is easy and takes very little room. With three or four 5 gallon buckets and a window sill planter on your patio, you can be eating fresh salad by June.  There is nothing so good as a salad you grew yourself.  Here's my challenge to you.  Grow yourself a salad garden!  Tomato's, peppers, and cucumber all grow quite well in containers.  Lettuce is easy too.  I personally like using spinach instead of lettuce but that's a personal preference.  

If you are worried about starting plants from seed there are other options out there.  Your local nursery can be a great place to begin.  You can find everything you need to get started there. I have found that people who work there are most always quite helpful and willing to answer whatever questions you might have. Take advantage of their knowledge, that's what they are there for.  This time of year the nurseries are full of starter plants.
When you choose your plants- look for healthy plants with well developed stems. If they look at all "run-down" or "stressed" pass them by.   There are several choices with your tomato's as well as your peppers.  Cherry tomato's are easy to do but then any tomato will work.  This part is totally up to you.  So you now have picked some nice plants.  While you are there pick up some decent soil as well.

Ok, now you have the basics... lets get started.  If you are going to be using 5 gallon buckets you will need to drill several holes in the bottom of them.  This is where I toss some smallish rocks in the bottom to help with drainage.  Fill your bucket almost completely with the dirt. This is were the fun starts! Take your tomato plant out of the little container gently and loosen the roots just a little.  Make a hole in the dirt and stick that baby in up to its first set of leaves.  I know it sounds like it might be too deep but trust me here.  This will make for a stronger plant.  Do the same with your peppers. Cucumbers are another plant that does just fine in a container.  Once you have your plants in their new home give them a good watering and sit back and watch them grow!  Ok admit it... it wasn't all that hard after all was it?
So what are you waiting for??  It's a beautiful spring day and there is no better time to get started!

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