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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welcome New Members

Welcome our new members:

lostand confused

hi, my name is tom and i hope to learn and share alot here. thanks.

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I'm completely new to this sort of thing. I found out about preppers through Glenn Beck's links. I don't know the first thing about prepping, but I rented a self-storage space and bought some stuff from Aldi to put into it.

Is there a real meeting I can attend here in Tulsa with other people who can guide me in the right/simplest direction?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello to all, I'm an Okie prepper for about 3 years now. Still working on it, ex-army and avid hunter/rancher. I'm in the northwest part of Oklahoma near the panhandle and I'm interested in communicating and networking with all in the area. I absolutely believe that there is strength in numbers and feel that all should have their own gear/supplies and pull their own weight, as me and mine will definitely pull ours. Again, I would like to get to know some like minded preppers in my area, from I-40 in the western part of Ok, up to the panhandle, look forward to hearin' from ya.

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Been casually working on prepping for some time. Live on a farm and have been picking up stuff we might need at farm auctions etc. but think it is time to get really serious. I garden, can, raise goats and chickens.


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hello all i am a retired marine slash soldier yes i have been i both services and i am looking to get aquainted with fellow oklahomans in the event of SHTF
would be nice to have fellow preppers to contact if things do not go well preferably in our local regions i personally reside in the lawton Ft. SIll area and am looking for like minded individuals to talk fellowship with and perhaps work on contingency plans with for our neck of the woods if any body is of like mind i will watch the forum for you and perhaps we can say a word or two and see how we can help each other

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New here, but not new to prepping :)

Would love to add to my lists - I LOVE LISTS.

I love my pantry,

I love my farm.

I love my family.

And I cry EVERYTIME they play the national anthem.

Nice to meet you - Pearls

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New to the site and hoping to learn from those out there who have been preparing for much longer than I have. It's not always about the supplies you have accumulated and surviving but, learning to live a completely different life style.

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I have been into the lifestyle and out of it for many years , many things make it possible and many interferences keep you away! A little about me: U.S.Marine 3 years, Federal Law Enforcement 20 years , hunter all my life , although living in the urban hell keeps hunting down to a minimum, anything else you'll just have to ask! I live in Oklahoma !

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