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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Involved To Take Back Our State From The Feds

Please read, get involved and sign the petition!

Oklahoma Tenth Amendment Resolution

The Oklahoma Declaration of Sovereignty

Governor Brad Henry's veto of HJR1003, which affirms Oklahoma's sovereign rights under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, was in essence a veto of our foundational principles and of the desires of the People of Oklahoma to be a free, sovereign, and independent State.

The People of Oklahoma do not agree with our governor’s denial of our heritage, and of the Supreme Law of our nation!

In its place Representative Charles Key introduced HCR1028, which has already passed both the Oklahoma House and Senate. However, because this is a "concurrent" resolution it does NOT have to be signed by our Governor. While it does make a strong statement by the legislature and the people of this state, it will not become law.

We the People of Oklahoma wish to make an even stronger statement by declaring in a loud unified voice that, unlike Governor Henry, We DO intend to uphold the Constitution for the United States of America and therefore wish to reaffirm our States Rights as per the Tenth Amendment to the constitution of this great nation!

Follow this link and sign the petition.


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