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Thursday, July 16, 2009

NO Immunizations

A London Times article concerning the fact that the vaccine will be rushed through safety procedures in just five days, increasing the chances of it causing deaths and injuries in the thousands, as happened with the 1977 mass vaccination program in the U.S. which killed more people than the actual swine flu virus, overwhelmingly indicated that they would refuse to take the shot.

“Nobody’s coming anywhere near me or my family with their experimental mass vaccine/poison programme,”. “We will take our chances of catching their manufactured bird/pig/human virus, that was accidentally on purpose! released onto an unsuspecting public in the first place!”

“Anybody who reads this obviously still has the ability to reason and be guided by their own survival instinct and thus should listen to it. The mass fear mongering is a worldwide, co-ordinated and open conspiracy with massive geo political underpinnings. Don’t be fooled, eat properly and exercise.

Oklahoma Statute Exempt from immunizations

Oklahoma State Statute

§70-1210.192.Any minor child, through the parent, guardian, or legal custodian of the child, may submit to the health authority charged with the enforcement of the immunization laws of this state

1. A certificate of a licensed physician as defined in Section 725.2 of Title 59 of the Oklahoma Statutes, stating that the physical condition of the child is such that immunization would endanger the life or health of the child; or

2. A written statement by the parent, guardian or legal custodian of the child objecting to immunization of the child; whereupon the child shall be exempt from the immunization laws of this state.


The immunizations will be administered by a licensed physician, someone under his direction, or public health department. If the parents or guardians are unable to pay, the State Department of Public Health shall provide, without charge, the immunization materials required by this act to such pupils. The parents, guardian or person having legal custody of any child may claim an exemption from the immunizations on medical, religious or personal grounds.

The Certificate of Exemption form can be obtained from your child’s school or daycare facility.

Certificate of Exemption (ODH Form No. 216-A Revised 1/01)


Phelan said...

Here in Kansas we have the first 1 the same. Our 2nd choice is

"Submit a written statement signed by a parent that the parent is an adherent of a religious denomination whose teachings are opposed to immunizations"

Anonymous said...

I will not be taking any vaccines. No way.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Anonymous said...
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Pioneer Living said...

Thanks Britney

Anonymous said...

Yup eat well and exercise okay its very good for health..
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