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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oklahoma Preppers Network News

Our Prepper group is made up of 91 local households interested in developing an improved level of preparedness for whatever disaster may befall us individually and or collectively.

Our online yahoo discussion group can be joined by clicking clicking on the link at the bottom of our blog posts.

This week we are discussing:
why a members stored well water turned yellow.
Food you can plant in the fall garden.
Guns and ammo.
Bombs, vs Missile attacks and our level of readiness.
and How Lamar finally put his solar cabin design on youtube.
He has a 160 page ebook on how to live off grid for $5.

We Oklahoman's are for the most part descendants of the survivors of the Great Depression Oklahoma style. Our Grandparents and Great grandparents learned many survival lessons during those times and stories have been passed down that relate closely to things we need to know in our time today.

Being part of a Prepper organization means you are ready to actively begin practicing your survival skills before the fact. Not waiting till the sirens go off to start digging a storm cellar
isn't hard to understand.

As founder of the Oklahoma Survivalist network and the sharing here as the Oklahoma Preppers Network, I will share random points of interest that part-time passive Preppers can find interesting as well as the more didicated active preppers might want to add information too.

Till the Next Post

Gloria Youngdeer


Kymber said...

Gloria - a very Big Canadian Welcome to you - we need people like YOU on the Prepper Networks!

i look very much forward to hearing more about the Oklahoma Survivalist Network and will make sure to direct our Canadian readers there!

Again - thanks and welcome!

Pioneer Living said...

Welcome and very glad you are here.

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