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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deciding when to hunker down or run for your life.

My brief answer to the question of why we have BoB's and 72 hr packs, is I figure some scenario could come up where I wish I had a well supplied bag to eather help me get back home after an event, or help me get away from an event.

Deciding when to hunker down and when to run for your life must be answered on an individual case bases.

My longer winded rambling mind says:
Like you, we prepare for as much as we can, and hope we have what we will need. Each scenario has its own list of actions for those that has the option to try and survive. Recently, We have been discussing our bug out bags, our 72 hr kits, probably because the season is changing and they need double checked to be right for the coming season. Like Angelica expressed about her car trunk being her lifeboat against disaster.

My parents were bomb shelter folks in the 50's, my Grandparents were depression era survivalist in the 30's. My Great grandparents were self reliant pioneers in the late 1800's. My Great Great Great grandparents survived relocating to Oklahoma via the trail of tears in 1838. I figure I'm alive because my ancestors worked at being survivalists. Those I know, and many more back before recorded time. I pay attention to the hair standing up on the back of my neck as I suspect them did and more here do too.

Some situations will call for hunker down and some will call for run like hell.
I'm mentally ready for both, but supply wise, and training wise, - there is always room for improvements.

I became a registered nurse in the late 60's. I've lived a Mother Earth New's lifestyle in the 70's & off grid in the 80's along with being a tree hugging environmental activist. :+)

Yes, I would like to be living on a remote farm -- totally ready to be off grid & self sufficient with my 'CLAN' all living in a cluster of homes around a community farmhouse. With orchards, and chickens and meat hanging in a cold room waiting to be butchered. With the smoke house bellowing good smells and a large amount of canned goods all looking pretty in the underground sanctuary. With the younger women and men learning from the older ones just how to butcher or make the bread.

Years ago when I started the Oklahoma group, I was ready to try and find others who wanted the same situation, and have a communal society desiring to create that farm sanctuary. But, after I did a survey, I found that most everyone in this clan, owns there homes and plan on individual survival preparedness. That was fine for any way we can collectively become smarter, more inspired, and better prepared for life's possibilities then we are all part of an important movement.
My hide-out, run-too land, isn't that remote but it is what I could afford to buy. Along with my experience surviving off grid living, and a couple decades of survival / emergency training, unfortunately, also came AGE and as a senior citizen widow, I prepare to stay in my city home unless I am run out.
As to what I am preparing for:...... You can throw a dart at a big wall of possibilities.

Lots of people around the globe, including me, believe our lives will change forever in 2012.

Hopi Elders tell the story of three great rocks falling from the sky, one right behind another and in the long run, only a small number of people survive to carry on. Those who do will need all their wits, for it will be only those healthy, trained, prepared, and lucky that live to experience the challenges .

In the meantime, hurricanes are becoming super storms using the new warmer waters in the gulf, and we are being warned they are expected to do huge damage to both the gulf states, and or up the east coast. Millions of environmental refugees could then pour into our part of the world. Envision what happens to our local area if two million people come here in a week. Then we are ripe for Anarchy taking over because we don't have enough social order to control the masses in panic survival mode themselves.

In the meantime, Those that hate us more than anything else in their existence, believe we are too evil to be allowed to exist, and their god wants them to attack us. Our government openly says we most likely will have a terrorist's nuclear bomb go off here in the USA within the next ten years. Maybe several suitcase size dirty bombs and that brings more refugees if we are not in the immediate danger area.

Meanwhile many cities possibly even entire states have no electricity since our grid is all tied together. The rest of the country ration, among other things, maybe two or three hours of electricity available a day if we are lucky. Meantime, the danger remains for the west coast to experience major earthquakes, and we are told that we are overdue for the Yellowstone volcano exploding. Sending the world into darkness and a deep-freeze for several years.

Yep, Pick one and here we set with the ice caps melting and we watch what is left of our entire coastline, go under from thirty to 60 feet of water. Texas is split in two by the ocean rising and reclaiming its old territory up the middle to Colorado and Florida basically doesn't exist any longer. Every day more refugees come toward the middle of the country looking for and ready to fight for a chance to survive.

A rational realistic Steven King nightmare world? Pretty much. And some think we are crazy for bothering to pack an "in-case bag".
Hope you continue to post.

Be better prepared today than you were yesterday.

Gloria Youngdeer

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