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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Just found this on RTR Radio

John Lipscomb of Survivalist Seeds is Now supporting the group and person who has endangered the lives of American Resistance and Militia members
August 01, 2009 By: Freedom Fighter Category: Uncategorized

John Lipscomb of Survivalist Seeds is now connected to a person who has been using liable and slander. The person John is now connected to is a person who is using slander which has now put Georgia patriots lives in danger by possible acts of vigilantism for crimes they have not committed.
Members of The American Resistance Movement and militia in Georgia are the targeted individuals. Also the person Survivalist Seeds is connected to has made false claims in reference to theft as well and has had contact with the person Eric Robinson who plead guilty(11-08) to the Federal Courthouse bombing in San Diego and who goes on trial (08-09).

Support the Resistance. Boycott Survivalist Seeds now.
For more info call 706-394-8019 as we can supply documented proof of our statements.
Again we are prepared to challenge any and all anywhere anytime who take issue with the above information.
The contact info to the company who is connected now to those endangering ARM members.


Phelan said...

Doesn't surprise me one bit. He went off on all his readers, calling us not so flattering names. I stop supporting him and his violent cause awhile back.

Anonymous said...

Me to....he is realy strange now and his site changes all the time.

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