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Monday, December 7, 2009

A letter from Home Town Seeds!

A letter from Home Town Seeds!

I am the owner of Hometown Seeds. After getting a scathing email from Kat at selfsustainedliving.blogspot.com I have done some research and discovered that this misunderstanding over our seeds started with an email Chelsea, from our company, sent to you. Please allow me to explain.

First, our survival seeds are all non-hybrid and none are GMO. Secondly, the mistake is all my fault. After reading Kat’s blog and then following the link to your own, we were able to put the pieces together.

Chelsea is working in our little company part time. She is a student at a local university helping us build traffic to our website by reaching out to sites like yours. She is not an expert in gardening and relies on me to answer any technical questions. When you asked her if our seeds were Hybrid or GMO, I told her to respond that we sell some hybrid seeds but they are not in the survival seeds, and none of our seeds are GMO. This is obviously not how she responded and had no idea how badly the mistake would be received. I have seen what she emailed back, hence the misunderstanding and negative blog posts. It was there in black and white after all.

We completely agree with the evils of GMO seeds. We do not now nor ever will carry GMO seeds. As for the survival seeds, the whole point is to provide open pollinated seed that will generate seed for the next year as well as food for the family. All seeds in the survival seed packet are non-hybrid.

We have already sent the survival seed package out to you and I would hope you would examine the types of seeds and the instructions that clearly describe each type of seed.
I feel terrible that we have created such a problem. I don’t know what else I can do but accept full responsibility for the what we have done and apologize profoundly, as I have done with Kat.

You mentioned a couple of other concerns that I thought I would address:
1. We are not owned by Ropter Enterprises. Ropter is our young web genius. He is located in California and we are in central Utah. He created our site and has educated us on the day to day updates that are required. It sounds like you have the technology figured out with all of your projects. We are still learning that aspect.
2. We do not drop ship. We are two guys that have turned our hobby into a really fun business. We are not able to raise all of our seeds and have left that to our supplier who is right here in our valley. He has 40 years of experience and has been our mentor in this project. We have used his seeds and it is only because of our relationship with him that this project was possible. This is another reason we can guarantee none of our seeds are GMO.

Again, I am very sorry. I ask forgiveness from you and your readers.


Scott Peterson, owner
"More garden for your dollar"

I told them I would test there seeds to make sure they are not GMO’s and do an investigation on there company to clear this up.


Pioneer Living

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