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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bugging Out

Bugging Out

What, me run? When is it better to bail? What scenarios would make us actually think about vacating our Head Quarters?

You spent a ton of time, money and brain cells on equipping the ultimate shelter and now you are faced with someone having the audacity to ask you to think of the possibility of evacuating your fortress of solitude, Let alone demand that you leave or far worse being removed by force.

No matter the level of survivalist I speak with, the topic of bugging out always comes up. Bug out bags, bug out vehicles, bug out locations, bug out routes, bug out this and bug out that, bob, bov, bol, bor, blt’s, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!. Wait take a deep breath and think. Sadly, most people believe if they have spent any amount of time thinking about the subject of bugging out they believe they have prepared adequately.

Have you thought this through; this is a wicked little maze you are going to embark upon. When I ask this question I get the stink eye and the obligatory raised eyebrow However, I am always mindful that the devil is in the details and neither you nor I are immune.

The more prepared you are the less the impact it will be on you and whom you Sheppard when it hits the fan. Let’s face it when the enemy is landing on your beaches it’s not the time to start building bunkers and battleships. So if you find yourself asking this question “Should I hunker down or ride like the wind” you will be glad you have considered or perhaps reconsidered your options.

Should you hunker down or ride like the wind? That really is a question that can only be answered by you and it certainly depends upon you and your comfort zone. I personally have spent too much time setting up my headquarters for me to just arbitrarily vacate all willie nillie! In my particular situation I have very few reasons to bug out. So you can consider me one of the “survival in place” crowd however, this doesn’t mean there isn’t any reasons I would short time evacuate or permanently vacate my head quarters. Two good reasons for me would be chemical and biological these two are definitely some reasons that are absolute in bugging out and getting the hell out of dodge. As for my situation these are pretty much the only reasons I would have need to giddy up and out, both for the most part are manmade but we can talk about these two items in another article should you wish.

Now getting back on topic let’s say we have made the command decision that the situation is serious enough to warrant an “evac”. What now? Now you are faced with two choices to vacate the premises under your own plan or under somebody else’s plan. As for me and my household we like our chances with our thought out, reasoned and rehearsed plan.

Remember, although you may have a plan in place you must take into consideration that the city, state and federal authorities will also have a plan and the government plan will always supersede all other plans being implemented. So I periodically go into my city hall and ask about their evacuation or disaster plan. You can also ask this of your county and state government officials. I do recommend being respectful. In today’s world climate asking the government about proposed evacuation plans always raises eyebrows so I always start the conversation with something non aggressive such as “I visited the Red Cross website and it suggested that I should inquire with you as to your disaster scenario plans”. This seems to settle them down and treat you with respect.

This knowledge is beneficial and gives me insight as to the all knowing big brothers plan for my survival but more importantly I can plan to potentially avoid the congested areas that surely would be mired down by the confused masses! Now with that being said, we press on with Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Pitiful Performance!
That's the name of the next article in this series, and I won't try to sell you something in it either! Just some ramblings from a Saltydawg who doesn't claim to be an expert just experienced!

Salty Dawg
The Pirates Republic
Evil thrives when good men do nothing

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