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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Pitiful Performance!

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Pitiful Performance!
From:  Salty Dawg
Yep it’s more than just an exercise in the capitalization of P! It is a mantra of sorts that every Prepper utilizes whether they know it or not. The very idea of prepping for anything that comes down the path is really genetically encoded within us all.
However, some are lazy! Lazy is my word for stupid! Let me digress to illustrate the example, even the cave man brought a stick or a rock along to pound over the head of a potential food source or protect himself against a potential threat. I guess in a way you could consider them our first multi tool. Even in the earliest of days our ancestors prepared or simply died out. This learned response was passed down from generation to generation to help perpetuate the species of man and that includes women.
Today we have two categories of people, the “us’s” and the “them’s” this is not a class warfare term it is rather a separation of the people not from the have and have not’s rather from the people who do and who do not. The “Us’s” are the Preppers like you and I that are, in a word preparing but preparing for what you say? Preparing for whatever I exclaim proudly! We are preparing ourselves mentally with knowledge and know how and physically with supplies and goods.
There are many reasons people prepare and one is no less important than another. Your reason may be to simply have some provisions around in case of a storm and to level out the spikes in food and fuel pricing. Others may have loftier goals in mind and are preparing so they may remove themselves from the grid entirely. Most of us fall somewhere in between the two ends of this spectrum. The reasons that you prepare are not as important as the actual act of preparing.
There is an old saying that goes like this “expect the best prepare for the worst”, is this another Prepper’s mantra or just some good solid advice? The Prepper at their very core believes in storing up or putting back for the proverbial rainy day. Generations of people before us have set up cupboards, pantries and cellars with canned or dried goods some have made do with cisterns for water to offset any lack of performance from their a water wells. They scrimped and saved and prepared for whatever came their way next because inevitably something always comes along.
During the Great Depression the “Us’s” of that generation learned the value of sacrifice and saving and taught that lesson to their children thus perpetuating the survival of mankind. However, at that very same time the government started a program of handouts. The intention was valid enough but unknowingly or some say even knowingly created the first generation of “Thems” the non contributing takers of our society. Not a few weak minded drains on the general population but an entire generation of non-contributing takers of the general populous.
Every city in every state of our Great Nation has them in ever growing numbers. Once the resources are drained from that particular area they move on to drain the resources of another or stay in place and demand that the government take care of them because they are down trodden. So Instead of believing they had the right to pursue happiness as defined in the Bill of Rights. The “Thems” have a distorted belief that they had the right to their happiness guaranteed through the efforts of others.
The damage could have been contained if remanded after the immediate need was met but unfortunately they also taught their children to press the government to take care of them thus being a burden on society and made a generation of un-prepared masses willing to take hand outs rather than take measure to ensure their own survival rate against what may befall them later. Enough political jiber - jabber, and history lessons as seen through my eyes! So whatever the reasons you have chosen to be one of “US” then hoorah!!!! Welcome aboard we have cookies! Let’s go to a great place to start. which coincidentally is the name of the next article in this series.
The Salty Dawg
Evil thrives when good men do nothing

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