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Friday, March 27, 2009

No offense Inalienable Rights, I would just prefer not to read anymore of your posts. It sounds to me that you have been conditioned by the NWO in your way of thinking to live in a communist type community. Playing into their hands is exactly what they want.

Last time I checked the NWO wants to control you, house you, feed you in just the same way you are looking for in a community. This is a form of communism.

I would also like to state for the record, I do not believe in large communities and/or communes. There is too many personality conflicts and way too exposed. Individual small groups with 3-4 families makes better sense. With each family having their own space, their own individuality this is truly what America is supposed to be about. This is what we are standing up for against the NWO for our freedoms as individuals.

At the time of 9/11, our government was so paranoid…..ha ha ha (or so they made Americans believe that there were terrorists threats to America) that they came up with Homeland Security and the American Patriot Act. You say that in your community “We will have a lot less of every thing that is important all because everyone MUST live the American dream and have their own space. EVEN IF IT KILLS THEM.” If we were to think like you then we would be giving up our individual freedoms, our individuality, and our individual rights.
This is exactly what the NWO wants, I tell you right now I refuse.

I will live free, fight for my children’s and their children’s rights to live free, just as our forefathers did for us. I will not be subject to anyone with a communist way of thinking or living.
In the future, if you plan on blogging I would like to make a suggestion to blog something useful that all the Prepper’s can use, instead of so much doom and gloom like there is no hope and you should just march right into one of those FEMA camps they have set up for people like you.

With that being said, I do respect your way of thinking, even though I do not agree with it. Wish you all the best of luck with finding your right community with like minded people like your self, and suggest you leave the one you are in cause it sounds like you are not all on the same page.

Pioneerliving/Oklahoma Prepper


American Prepper said...

Good post Pioneerliving. 100% agreed, the more people who are involved the more socialism begins to break apart, I believe this to be at the community level. There begins to be too many variables, too many people and too many differences of opinion. The only way to "make" it work is through force as I have demonstrated with my sticking Cats in a small box analogy. When you force people to conform, then you lose all freedom and individuality.

Inalienable Rights said...

I am wondering why this post was not pulled also as every idea that I suggested in this article was socialist in nature.

The only difference between this article and the one that got pulled was that I used the "Socialist" label.

Amazing that 2 articles both pushing voluntarily working together (one form of socialism) one gets very positive comments and the other get pulled even though they are both espousing the exact same concept.

Inalienable Rights said...

"Wish you all the best of luck with finding your right community with like minded people like your self..."

I would not in my wildest dreams expect to find any place on this planet where I would find people that thought exactly the same way that I do.

Even if I could find such a place I think I would avoid it because it sure would be as boring as hell place to exist.

It's our differences that make life interesting and create new and interesting things.

Inalienable Rights said...

Sorry for the mispost i.e.
("I am wondering why this post was not pulled")

up there, it is under the wrong post and I do not see a way to edit or delete comments.

American Prepper said...

I would like to make a few points about this. 1) I personally wouldn't have pulled that post, This is not a dictatorship, I am not a dictator, and it's not my place to go pulling posts off of Oklahoma Preppers Netork. However, we do have certain rules in place like not preaching hate or racism. Through those rules I would pull a post preaching hate or racism immediately without hesitation. 2) I like to try to follow a more representative system here than a democracy so I'd prefer to leave the decision up to the representative involved (rock2fox) as to whether or not to pull the post. 3) There is free speech which is why Inalienable Rights is still on as a contributor and may still make his case and debate this subject. I would hope that the comments section always be available for all opinions unless they are intended specifically to preach hatred. I would also hope that any future postings by Inalienable rights be allowed up as long as the representative (rock2fox) deems them to not be damaging to Oklahoma Preppers Network. 4) If there ends up being a continuing problem here then we will take a vote on this, But first I would expect those parties involved on this blog to debate and work together to resolve this issue peacefully.

Kymber said...

As I was not able to read the post that got pulled - I really am unable to comment on it???
However, I thoroughly enjoyed Inalienable Rights post entitled "We need to work together patriots"...
I am unsure what is going on here...but I do hope it gets settled in a fair and amicable way...

Am I missing something here?

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