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Friday, March 13, 2009

We need to work together patriots

Patriots for some strange reason don't want to work together. It's really an enigma with me. The left does not have this flaw, and we certainly could learn a heck of a lot from them. If you doubt me take a look at: http://www.ic.org/ There are several thousand, mostly left leaning, Intentional Communities listed there. I was recently pleasantly surprised when a member of one of these large and numerous "tree hugging" groups assured me that they were awake, and well armed, though they did not want it to be well known.

Patriots for the most part want to hide out in the woods and hope that the bad things will go away. I guess that is to be expected after the CIA with it's MK Ultra mind control program has spend the last 70 years learning how to brain wash us into doing the exact opposite of what is best for us.

What they did not take into account however are independent thinkers like myself that see through their smoke and mirrors.

Do you really think that the NWO does not know about your retreat? Or can not easily find it? Are you really that naive? Is there a record at the court house with your name on it? Even if it is held in a corporation or trust there are names that are in the public record. One way to cover this paper trail involves non-statutory trusts, but even that may set off red flags, if it was instituted in the last few years or even the fact that it is a trust rather than individual ownership.

Have you used your cell phone in the vicinity of your retreat? If so you are located. Have you used an ATM or credit card near your retreat? Have you visited a Walmart in the area with it's facial recognition software? Have you driven past any traffic cameras that use license plate recognition technology? Has the local sheriff driven by your place? How did you pay your property tax? Can it be traced back to you? Do you get prescriptions locally? Have you bought bulk food somewhere locally? Have you mail ordered anything from a "survival" type company? Are you underground where satellites can't see? Are your crops underground? Do you heat with wood and leave a smoke and heat signature? Did you ever mention your location in an email or on a telephone call that can be traced to you? Have you called from pay phones in your area? If the people that you called are related to you then your location may be taken a closer look at. No matter if you used an untraceable calling card or not. Will you use a radio that can be triangulated on?

If you did any of the above, you are not invisible. Not by along shot, and most of you have done many of the above things. Even if you have not done a single one of the above, you are not will not be hard to find with modern technology.

What is the answer then?

It's very simple we need to network.
We need to let each other know about our existence.
Working with other groups can create a synergy that makes us 100 times as effective as working alone.

  • One of the big things that we need is information on the movements of who ever the enemy is. How can you bug out if you don't know they are coming? How can you fight an enemy that you don't know where they are at?
  • If you have a network of farms in a 5 to 20 mile range of you location, you can all alert one another by radio or even by runner of any impending danger.
  • If your group needs to bug out you will have a support system.
  • If you need to exchange seeds for plants that you can't grow because of cross pollination problems, you can arrange ahead of time to have certain farms save certain seeds and grow certain plants.
  • Another group may be able to barter a life saving item like a pair of boots, bullets, or an antibiotic.
  • Another group may have a specialist such as a dentist, nurse, or an ex special forces member whose services may save your life.
  • You can have a mutual defense compact and come to each others defense.
  • Do you have enough members for a 24 hour watch? Perhaps working with another group you can set up a watch along an approaching road.

The bottom line is if your group is isolated you have much less chance of making it. Don't fall for thinking that you can hide and be safe.
In short I urge you to list at least contact information for your group on the Preppers Network and also at a site such as my group homesteading site: http://bigjohnsforum.com

Thanks for listening. Now take some action, liberty is not a spectators sport.


Kymber said...

This is by far one of the best posts on the network that i have read! Thank you Inalienable Rights - this hit the nail right on the head!
and THIS is what we should be using the network for!
Keep up the great work you are doing here!

American Prepper said...

Thanks Inalienable rights, I'm working on an idea for a membership type program and meetup groups where people can get together and network and barter. This idea is still in it's infancy, but I am continuing to study how other groups operate. I really like the Network concept. We will have the strength of a large organization, but be able to exist independently of each other if need be.

Inalienable Rights said...

Thanks for the feed back my friends.

I am currently living on some land learning these lessons first hand. The other people I am dealing with are following the American model of not working with others, and to a degree I don't blame them as this is their programming.

Rather than suffer and build a communal building with bedrooms, it looks like we will have 3 individual kitchens AND a communal kitchen. That would be nice if funds and time were unlimited but the trade off is that we have at least 1 years less food stored than if we worked together. We will have a lot less of every thing that is important all because everyone MUST live the American dream and have their own space. EVEN IF IT KILLS THEM.

Let me clue you in that 3 months ago, before I thought things through very throughly and also actually experienced the reality, I leaned very much toward the individual American model of doing things on your own.

Now I am convinced for the majority of us that have a budget that this is a death wish.

Hopefully this is not a fatal flaw for our group. I would rather plan for the worse and be wrong as they say.

There is much more that I can say and I hope to post it soon.

Let me also say that SE OK is the place to be. It is all that I dreamed of and more.

In Liberty...

Inalienable Rights said...

Does anyone know how to edit a post or comment here?

Sometimes things just don't come out right because you don't think, or later you realize that something could have been better said differently.


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