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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sorry Folks - no disrespect intended to IR, but I had to pull the plug on that last post. OK Preppers Network is not about promoting socialism. Even facial socialism for the greater good, rather than inherently bad socialism in application - is not something I agree with, so promoting that topic is verboten here. I suppose if Tom wants it back - he will put it back.

For those out there who like socialism - view my removal of this post as a taste of what is like to have someone determine what the greater good is, despite what you think - and then implement it against your will. (I will admit our current representative republic has lately been functioning in such a manner - and I hate that shit) Socialism does not seem so grand anymore. I would be in favor of a vote by APN members (remember that whole Democracy thing?) about whether this post, or any post promoting socialism should be allowed.

Sorry to be an ass - but I am an ass. To all those who read and support, thank you - to all the other Prepper networks, keep up the good work I read each and every one of your blogs daily.


American Prepper said...

I have no problem with you pulling the post, this is after all your blog that I have set up for you. The point that I was trying to make is that socialism only works in the family, It breaks apart the minute you move away from the family structure. I have created a curve and a post that demonstrates this. It is important that people know the proper hierarchy of power. All power comes from God and is passed through the father of the family, and then through the communities. Leaving the World with none, as we know the World is the Beast system and should have No power. Look at my post and see if you disagree. People must know the proper distribution of power so that they do not give it to nations and world govermnetns

Dr. Richard said...

Just say Nyet Tovarish! (No Comrade in English) We don't need any @#$ @$#$ socialist, marxist, maoist, communist, or obamamite, (or the latest flavor thereof) propaganda -- that is what helped lead this country and much of the world into the mess we are facing today.

American Prepper said...

Anyway, I wouldn't have pulled the post myself unless it were on APN, That would have been overstepping my bounds. Therefore, I responded by doing my own post. What works in the family does not work in communities unless All are in agreement, this is something that is very difficult to achieve as most Communes and shared community living arrangements fail, This is where socialism and Communism break apart. It may function in a family, but in larger governments it does not. As you add more people to the mix there begins to be too many variables. So Promote socialism, NO. But Teach the proper power distribution stemming from God, then family, then community, then ultimately no power to world government. Yes, that I will teach

Inalienable Rights said...

I am willing to die fighting for your right to say whatever the heck you want to. Obviously this belief is not mutual on your part.

I guess your vision of America does not include free speech for others or the Constitution as I understand it. I think it a very sad day when a Patriot site pulls a post because they disagree with it.

If those are your rules you should also pull my other post because it also suggests voluntarily working together for the common good, which by the way is also a socialist arrangement by definition. I just did not call it that in that article so it must have escaped your notice.

Would an article about the virtues of the family be pulled? There is not a more socialist institution in the world than the American family so you should be pulling articles promoting family IMHO.

I am really at a loss of words currently so I will close for now.

Inalienable Rights said...

Dr. Richard said...

Just say Nyet Tovarish! (No Comrade in English) We don't need any @#$ @$#$ socialist, marxist, maoist, communist, or obamamite, (or the latest flavor thereof) propaganda -- that is what helped lead this country and much of the world into the mess we are facing today.


Then Dr. Richard you had better make your self more familiar with the 10 planks of the communist manifesto. (Google it.) All 10 planks have been forced upon us here in the United States for many years. We call it Capitalism but that does not change the fact. (A dog is still a dog even if you call it a cat.)

You missed my critical point of the difference of being forced by the barrel of a gun to do something, and doing something voluntarily because you find it mutually beneficial.

American Prepper said...

I would like to make a few points about this. 1) I personally wouldn't have pulled that post, This is not a dictatorship, I am not a dictator, and it's not my place to go pulling posts off of Oklahoma Preppers Netork. However, we do have certain rules in place like not preaching hate or racism. Through those rules I would pull a post preaching hate or racism immediately without hesitation. 2) I like to try to follow a more representative system here than a democracy so I'd prefer to leave the decision up to the representative involved (rock2fox) as to whether or not to pull the post. 3) There is free speech which is why Inalienable Rights is still on as a contributor and may still make his case and debate this subject. I would hope that the comments section always be available for all opinions unless they are intended specifically to preach hatred. I would also hope that any future postings by Inalienable rights be allowed up as long as the representative (rock2fox) deems them to not be damaging to Oklahoma Preppers Network. 4) If there ends up being a continuing problem here then we will take a vote on this, But first I would expect those parties involved on this blog to debate and work together to resolve this issue peacefully.

Shy Wolf said...

Oooglee is rearing his head. Inevitable, for sure.
One aspect of prepping is the 'common group-think' that is certainly going to arise when people form survival groups, communes, or whatever. Each of these groups will need some form of leadership, whether it be parental as in a family unit, a mayor as in a community, or a cheiftan as in tribal units. In selecting the people to join 'our' group, we will invariably select people who think much as we do and there-in is the group-think dilemma.
Leadership of each group will have different ideas of what makes a community, how it should be legislated or ruled. IMO, since many do not read the Constitution as it is written, let alone believe it, nor does everyone believe in the God of the Bible as being the Ultimate Authority in all situations, there will be many ideas of government. Socialism, as in the old hippy days communes, is going to become prevalent in many of the groups. Democracy will dominate some groups. Some groups will form as Muslim under Shariah Law. Some will form under pre-Saul Biblical tribes with a single leader and legal system. Sad to say, whatever the idea, there will be some who agree with it and will gather under that flag. Not all will have "American Constitutional" goals or desires.
All a long-winded opinion to simply say, "As a Constitution minded American, I agree with your right to form whatever kind of group you need." But I will not necessarily agree with the group. That, too, is my right.
As to MNPN, I'd prefer to stay away from political ideas but do realize that may be stinking thinking. It's a topic that needs addressing, obviously.
Only one thing is certain in my thinking and it is this: I will not tolerate nor condone nor work with any system outside the Constitution and Bible. Those groups are the reason, cause, and divisive factors in our country today and should be trampled to dust.
And thus endeth this rant. Thank you for listening.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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