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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Creating a Garden Plot

I have a large raised bed and several containers that I try to do my urban gardening in (try b/c I haven't been very successful thus far); on top of that I have about a 1/2 acre of stupid rye grass or something not very pretty or productive. I decided I wanted to till a portion of the yard and expand my garden.

Problem - I don't have a tiller, can't see spending $450 for one, there are none on craigslist, and also can't see spending $80 to rent one for a day.

Solution - Maning the frick up, and doing it by hand.

Time it took to make a 5 x 8 square ready for planting = 2 hours.

Tools needed = Hoe, shovel and a rake.

It was such a beautiful day here I could not stand to be inside, so this was a fitting project. Several blisters later I had worked the earth into what looks like a nice brown patch. I have no idea if the grass will grow back, I tried to move the earth down about six inches over the entire plot. Hopefully this will allow me to double my production capacity in the coming growing season.


Humble wife said...

The vitamin D from being in the sun is so beneficial to you. We also are shy of the tools to ease our lives and therefore I have been in the middle of work all too often. It is good for the body and is a great workout that does more than burn calories:))!!

Kymber said...

Bahahaha - i loved the line "Solution: Maning the frick up and doing it by hand" - that was awesome! And glad to hear that you have more garden space and got a good workout!

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