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Thursday, April 23, 2009

IOSAT Be Prepared

We get a lot of questions like this:

Does anyone know a place in Oklahoma to purchase IOSAT or potassium-iodide? Don't
really want to buy online.


Go to your local camping store and buy iodine water purification tablets. Take a 16 oz glass of water and put one tablet in. Mix until the water cannot take anymore iodine.

Add a 2nd tablet if needed. You will know if the water has absorbed the all the iodine if after mixing you start to get sediment at the bottom.

Then take and fill an eye dropper with the solution. Put 4 drops into the center of a piece of bread and roll it into a ball and swallow. You roll it in the bread, because the iodine tastes bad.

You do this for at least 2 weeks if radiation is present. If this is for a young teenager cut dosage in half. A small child only 1 drop is needed. So, stock up on your iodine water purification tablets.

Hope it never comes down to it but preppers need to be prepared!

John & Carrie

1 comment:

Celt said...

Does that really work?

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