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Thursday, April 2, 2009



Just a word of caution for all you true Patriots, Survivalists, and Preppers. Beware of the wanna-be’s that are not quite sure where they fit in to what is going on with the patriot, prepping movement. From personal experience these types of people will talk a lot but take no action. They will try and worm their way into your community sounding somewhat educated about self sufficient living, but do give themselves away the longer they talk.

While we realize that this is the reason for networks such as the preppers, patriots, and survivalists to help each other in preparing for the future unknown. The type of people I am talking about will again, talk a lot with out putting forth any effort to help when it comes down to the doing. They expect to live in a community where everyone else takes care of it while they sit back and reap the rewards. They will talk about how they will run and hide when the SH#* hit’s the fan instead of standing up and fight for our liberties and our freedoms. Keep your mind open to the warning signs just as we did watching and listening very carefully. The people we came across had a total disregard for women. Statements were made that when the SH#* hit’s the fan they would just go find them some desperate woman on the street to be their slave. They have all the signs of a predator, coursing young children (8 year old girl) to take walks alone with them. Making statements that women have no voice. Questioning about the way things are done in the community. Wanting a one housing unit for all involved in the community, instead of each individual family having their own individual homes and space. I could go on and on about our experience, but I think you true patriots, preppers, and survivalists get the picture. Choose very carefully whom you invite to your homestead/retreat as we all know talk is cheap. People like this will prey upon people like us who do care about helping out all human beings without judging, but…there is that line that has to be drawn.

Not everyone can know how to survive everyday life without somewhat being in the system, weather it is your job, or if you choose to send your kids to public schools, or you trade with the mainstream. We are all doing our best to fight for our liberties, for our freedoms, to live free and die free and the same for generations to come. This is what it is about, all of us doing our parts to see that this happens. Get educated, stay informed, and keep your eyes and ears open. Thanks to all you true patriots, preppers, and survivalists.


American Prepper said...

Sorry to hear about that Pioneer Living. We've had people come into our home before and take advantage of us, so I know what you are saying.

Kymber said...

Thank you Pioneer Living...for sharing your experiences with us...it will help all of us down the road!

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