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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Useful Tool for the Coming Tough Times

Here at OKPN we occasionally find ourselves wrapped around the axle concerning the sorry state of affairs in our nation. I want to write about the perceived wrongs in our nation - and I forget to do cool practical application articles. So here is one item I just fell in love with.

This is a siphon available for purchase here, that is definitely the easiest one I have ever used (plus you get two of them, its like watching QVC minus that crazy lady w/ the damn sweaters and headbands). Today I used this for the first time. It was time to swap out my 55 gallon drum of water, clean it and replenish the contents. I found myself not wanting to sit the there w/ the hand pump for 30 gallons, or throw out my back trying to dump it on its side (yes, I know - just install a spigot at the base - I'll get around to it eventually). So I turned to this impulse puchase from a few weeks ago. It works awesome - one end is weight so it sank to the bottom of the drum and it has a little marble/ jigger/ doo-dad that if shaken, starts the water flowing out the other ends. Did I say this was AWESOME?

I originally bought these for use rotating fuel in and out of the various cans and tanks around the casa. Luckily this came w/ two siphons, so I can keep one for water/ food grade liquids and use the other for Petro-byproducts.

I've gotta run and go check the barrel, it should be empty by now.

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