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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Importance of Physical Fitness

This topic has been talked about in depth for about as long as there has been a survivalist community. It will be impossible to survive whatever comes our way without physical fitness. In fact, it is impossible to survive at all on a long enough time line. We will all die - it is just a question of when. We all prep and attempt to get others to do so, in an effort to prolong our lives and those of our loved ones. Physical fitness plays into this idea - possibly even more so than the beans and bullets.

In a world without cars the most likely method of traveling across land will be by foot (or animal, but this still requires some physical acumen).

The fabled "bug out" in a SHTF scenario will likely include some cross country travel on foot after your gasoline storage runs out.

The revered "bug in" in a SHTF scenario will still require you to cultivate the land, bend your back and work animals. All of which require you to be in shape.

Fighting for your life against any aggressor is not like hollywood makes it seem - it is not all marksmanship and sneaking up on people. You need to be stronger than the person who desires to do you and your family harm. You need to be faster than that person. You need to have more stamina to outlast an adversary either on the run or in a CQB situation.

Don't wait - this is not something that you can just start doing once something goes down. It is like taking vitamin C - it does you far less good to start taking it once you are sick, you need to be using it before hand. We all need to be exercsing now. If not for a SHTF scenario, so we can live better, happier more productive lives. All medical personnel agree that exercise, whether aerobic (cardio) or anerobic (weights) benefits our body and keeps diseases at bay. I don't believe in anti-depressants (for myself) -what I do believe in are 4 mile runs (5 if am feeling extra shitty). 45 minutes later I am right as rain - no medication needed. Endorphins are released when you exercise and are truly a force to be recond with.

Lifting weights is nice, but not always possible - do tasks and projects around the house at a level that will challenge you and eventually increase what you think you can do.

I recognize that folks have orthopedic problems (I am one of them) but we just have work around them and find activities/ exercise that we can engage in. This part of preparation is NON NEGOTIABLE.

The best thing about this particlar prep is that is costs you nothing to get outside and run or walk. No memberships needed.


Kymber said...

Excellent post Rock2Fox...and something that not alot of people think about when thinking of a SHTF scenario! It is very easy to maintain physical fitness no matter what your age - it's called turn off the tv and go do some projects around the house and yard!

Humble wife said...

Yes, this is key, and I agree so much. It is like what I say about baking bread, learn now so that in a crisis you can without stress.

If you are in shape now in a crisis you will be ahead of the game, because you will be able to endure.

PH said...

Oh how very true and well stated. Now is the time to be in shape. I run regularly (not as regularly as I should) but I need to do more to strengthen my back and mid-section. If you dont' work the back and core muscles, it is very easy to injur them. Even construction workers and capenters sometimes pull a muscle when doing nothing more than bending over.

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